Hello, I'm Guy. I design things.

Mostly for User eXperience

My Story

As a Product Designer, my objective is to create the best possible experience for as many users as possible. Using my skills, I aim to break down a problem into its simplest form, build an intuitive experience, and layer on a delightful and usable interface. Some of the things I enjoy and obsess about most are having a rock-solid conceptual model, obvious paths towards reaching a goal, clean and usable interfaces, and invisible but enjoyable animations. For the last 15 years I played a lot in the product design playground, I started a few ventures and I was lucky enough to sell some of them, I believe that designers need to understand the product complexities, constraints, and possibilitiesand that is why I’m always focusing on expanding my ability to communicate better with developers and product managers, as well as other designers and UX teammates. if you are interested in working with me please feel free to contact, I’ll be happy to meet.

My Services


Every well organized structure starts with a great architecture, it’s the art and science of organizing and labeling your product’s properties to become more usable for your end users.


Users expect interactive experiences on modern websites and apps. In order to keep current and keep the users coming back, having such interaction is necessary. by prototyping micro interactions I can help you achieve that.

Visual strategy

Creating visual strategy and concepts for new and existing products, cordinating with top talented designers from all over the world to execute the perfect visual implemantation on all platforms.


Not sure exactly what you need? With my experience, I can serve as a valuable asset to your business or team in the form of consultatory services

UX design

Design for experience from research to user tests, I can help your company achieve the right experience your users deserve.

Rapid prototyping

I can save you time and money and reduce the time to market by rapidly creating functional mockups that are seen on actual devices. It will allow you to test, get feedback and iterate before writing a single line of code.

My Process

Some of My Clients and Friends

My Tools


A dreadful weapon, with sketch I design high fidelity wireframes to ideate on new ideas.


Another great tool to sketch wireframes and prototype certain behaviours.


With this beast I can prototype without a single line of code the core features behaviour of a winning product.


Communication is a core value during the design process, with invision communication done as its best.

My Work


It's taking me too long to update all my showcases, but I'm getting there.